Mame Betty – Garageband iPhone saxophone song

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This new track is entirely made with my saxophone and iPhone 7 Plus, Garageband and various iOS music apps.

My tenor sax is played in Saxmute One reviewed here. My iPhone is mounted on the mute.

Instrumental is made using Blocs Wave, with Audiobus/AUM routing. Drum are from Blocs Wave iaps, played with slice mode. Basses are from Gadget Madrid played by iFretless bass midi. I used Gadget and Beathawk for other parts. FAC Transient and Maxima are used almost everywhere for dynamics. Then, everything is exported to GarageBand for arrangement. For sax recordings, I used AUM as IAA input for GarageBand, synced with Midi Link sync. I used DDMF 6144 eq correction, DDMF NYC compressor and Audio Damage Eos2 reverb and Dubstation 2 which is the best iOS delay for sax, I use it on most songs including this one. Saxes section are made with Voice rack: fx. I also used Filterstation 2 on some saxes sections. Track is mastered with DDMF 6144 and NoLimits.

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