How to: Xequence to Apematrix midi routing setup

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Here is a mini tutorial about Xequence to Apematrix midi routing setup, two very powerful iOS music apps.
iOS midi routing can be quite complicated sometimes… so here we go!!

1- Check that your Xequence midi instruments are routed to Apematrix.
You will set here midi channels. In our example, purple sends to Apematric CH1 and red to Apematric CH2:

Saxloops Xequence Apematrix audioshare

2- Check that your midi tracks are routed to appropriate Apematrix Xequence instruments:

Saxloops Xequence Apematrix AUM

3- in Apematrix « Midi IN » setup page, be sure that Apematrix virtual interface input is activated:

Saxloops Xequence Apematrix ios

4- Midi inputs must be routed to your audio units instruments in MIDI patchbay:

Saxloops Xequence Apematrix audiobus forum

5- Click on those « funnel » icons in midi patchbay:

Saxloops Xequence Apematrix iphone

6- And set each AU instrument midi channel input, here CH1 for ModelD and CH2 for Zeeon:

Saxloops Xequence Apematrix iphone

Saxloops Xequence Apematrix ipad


That should works perfectly with that setup 😉

Here are the Appstore links for Xequence and Apematrix.



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