Saxloops mini tutorial: how to use iOS GarageBand merge feature

Hi iOS musicians!

GarageBand latest update has fixed audio units rendering bug we’ve encountered since many months.

Using AU instruments and fxs inside GarageBand is now really stable and reliable. BPM synced AU also play and render properly. Even AU apps which tend to have audio crackes like Ravescroft 275 or Dubstation 2 have stable audio. Replicant 2 which is known like most Audio Damage AU fxs to have issues with most hosts now renders perfectly.

GarageBand must not be seen only as a consumer grade music creation app. Like with most iOS apps, open your mind and invent your workflow!! 🙂 It’s also the iOS app with closest worflow to Ableton Live arrangement/session views system.

In this mini Saxloops video tutorial, I will show you how to use GarageBand merge feature creatively with AUV3, how to use song archive copy made by tracks merging to use previous version, and how to make track channel preset.

Hope you’ll enjoy!!



I’ve also made optional English subtitles available on YouTube video.
Just click on subtitles icon to enable them, like on screenshot above:


saxloops subtitles icon ios garageband

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